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This Weeks Arrivals

This Weeks Arrivals

For 30 years we have ordered fish and unpacked boxes full of bags of fish. Still to this day, we get excited with every new arrival. Traveling and visiting suppliers is most exciting because we have the ability to “hand-pick” new and special fish that will be sent to Aquarium Adventure.

We’ve also taught our suppliers how to “hand-pick” the absolute best for our stores.

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Outdoor Water Gardens by Laguna

Outdoor Water Gardens by Laguna

Welcome to beautifully simple water gardening. Water gardens are reflections of beauty that transform a backyard corner into a tranquil retreat. For many people there is great joy to be found in the process of creating a water garden. The art of taking an area that consists of nothing more than dirt or grass and turning it into a beautiful wildlife habitat, lush garden that soothes the soul and tranquil paradise is nothing short of miraculous. Families can explore and get excited about nature together-----its part hobby, part meditative and part educational. Creating a tranquil paradise can be easy or very complex --- the choices are endless.

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Aquarium and Fish Keeping Tips

Aquarium and Fish Keeping Tips

Just as with any new adventure, keeping an Aquarium can be great fun, educational and successful.  If you do some research before you start and know where to find more information that you might need after your journey begins, then your aquarium keeping becomes an exciting hobby.  Our goal is to help you gain a better understanding of fish keeping and enjoy all of the benefits of having a living ecosystem in your home or business. Please visit this page often, we will continue to add useful information.

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Design, Install, Maintain and Deliver

Design, Install, Maintain and Deliver

Let us do it the work for you. Have you always wanted to bring the rich beauty of the underwater world into your environment with an aquarium? Maybe your desire has been to sit back and relax after a long day with your feet up as you watch peaceful swimming fish. Our on-site services can be just what you are looking for to turn your vision into a reality, right there in your very own living room.

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