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For well over a decade, Aquarium Adventure has been designing and installing custom aquariums. Our highly skilled and experienced team can provide expert consultation on expanding or building the aquarium of your dreams.

Custom Aquarium Our custom aquarium designers are passionate about their work and your vision  They are more than a designer, they have a complete understanding of the installation, and on going maintenance process. And the best part, they are fish biologists and hobbyists. What does that mean to you? They know fish, and the systems that will allow them to prosper. They do not take shortcuts, they do it right the first time. Our service team also includes Aquatic Specialists, individuals who are experts on Marine Fish, Freshwater Fish, Reef Keeping, and Planted Aquariums. We design and build the system around the fish.

Custom AquariumYour custom aquarium design is just that, yours. You can have as much or as little involvement as you choose. Your plans might call for a design that is freestanding, built into a wall or perhaps a beautiful room divider. Rectangular, hexagonal, square, columned, circular, 5 gallon or 105,000 gallon, no job is too big or too small. We will coordinate our services with interior designers or architects, plumbers, electricians and builders to insure we deliver and install a display of natural beauty that meets your quality expectations. 

Because we also are an established retail location, we have readily available aquariums in stock, one that just might be perfect for what you are looking for. Our strong relationships with our suppliers, allows our staff quick access to the newest systems as  they are debuted along with the best quality and selection of aquatic species obtainable.

os_aq_wedesign_3We also offer free on site consultation in your home or business and can review blueprints so that we can suggest the best possible design and system. And remember, if you are not sure what kind of fish to keep our experts will help you make the best choice.

You will be pleased that you are giving us the opportunity to offer you the best possible custom aquarium design.  Please call our service line at 614-792-9966 with any inquiries or CLICK HERE to contact us.


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