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This Week's Arrivals

1,000 species of fish in 450 aquariums and 20,000 gallons of water ---- this truly is an Aquarium Adventure! Take a worldwide tour and see fish, plants and invertebrates from the lakes, rivers and streams in the continents of Central America, South America, Africa, Asia, Australia and all of the oceans that surround these continents.

What makes Aquarium Adventure really outstanding though, is the unique, hand-picked, unusual, exotic and hard to find rare items others will not carry. We pride ourselves in having the biggest, brightest and most beautiful specimens of fish available. Come visit and see for yourself.


Acclimating Your Fish
When you get your fish home, float the bag of fish, still closed and full of air, in the aquarium for 10 minutes. It is helpful to turn off the overhead light on the aquarium, as a bright light can be stressful. After 10 minutes, the bag of fish can be opened and the top of the bag can be rolled down halfway, forming a collar or float ring. Fill the bag full of water from the aquarium (it now contains ½ water from your aquarium and ½ water from the store).

aclimating fish smallThe collar or float ring should have formed an air pocket, which will allow the bag to float upright to prevent the fish from spilling out into the aquarium while the two waters mix. After 15 minutes, pour half of the water from the bag into the aquarium, refill the bag of fish with aquarium water again and continue to float. After the next 15 minutes, again pour half of the water from the bag into the aquarium, refill the bag of fish with aquarium water and continue to float.

After another 15 minutes, again pour half of the water from the bag into the aquarium; refill the bag of fish with aquarium water and float for the final 15 minutes. After three 15 minute mixes, the fish can be poured gently into the aquarium. Extremely delicate fish (such as marine animals) can have as many as six to nine 15 – minute mixes. Consult with your Aquarium Adventure counselor.

After releasing fish into the aquarium, do not feed the fish for 24 hours and watch closely for aggressive tank mates that could hinder the new fish from settling into the aquarium.

Our Fish Warranty
At Aquarium Adventure, we do our absolute best to insure the fish or invertebrate or plant you receive is a healthy, conditioned species. Your responsibility, providing a healthy, established and safe aquarium environment, is no less important in the longevity of your fish. Please ask questions if you are unsure about any species before you purchase them and take them home to your aquarium. We will do our part to ask you the right questions before you make your choice.

fish warrantyAll freshwater and marine fish, invertebrates and plants are warranted for 48 hours. Should a problem arise within that time period, for any reason, please return the item, dated receipt, and a separate aquarium water sample for replacement credit of the purchase price.

It is also helpful to download our Aquarium Problem Solving Questionnaire  You can simply print, answer the questions and bring it to the store with you. This will aid us in assessing your aquarium at home.


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