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Gold Fish / Pond Fish

It was during the Chinese Ming Dynasty (1368 – 1643 A.D.) that goldfish became so popular that they were taken from their natural pools and maintained indoors in the beautiful pottery bowls of this period. In the 1500’s the goldfish made its appearance in Japan. In both China and Japan distinct breeds, varying greatly in physical characteristics, were developed. The Chinese taste for the bizarre developed the extreme form—the lion head, the celestial, the pearl-scale, the pom-pom and the bubble-eye. In contrast, the Japanese developed “swimming flowers” characterized by long-fins and colors best viewed from above.
These are some species you may find available at Aquarium Adventure:

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Huge Selection of Goldfish and Pond FishPond Fish

Sarasa Comet
Comet Goldfish
Domestic Koi
Premium Koi
Pond Raised Ryukin
HiFin Banded Shark

Goldfish (Aquarium)
Red/White Ryukin
Panda Oranda
Red Cap Oranda
Black Moor
Red Ranchu
Red Bubble Eye
Calico Ryukin
Blue Oranda


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