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AL catalog cover imageMARINE AQUACULTURE – SEA & REEF

At the very top for Aquarium Adventure are the animals we acquire for our customers to showcase in their aquariums. We work diligently and tediously to insure that we have the best selection and most importantly, quality. We search far and wide and sometimes the best are found right in our own backyard and in an unseeingly unusual place ----- would you believe tropical marine fish being raised in Maine!

Let us introduce you to Soren Hansen who founded Sea & Reef with a colleague, Chad Callan in 2003. Soren had come to the University of Maine to obtain a degree in Marine biology and it was during this time he had the vision of an aquaculture project in a new sense, not the typical commercial food fish venture, but instead tropical marine fish for the aquarium trade. You can imagine that this was not well received in Maine as a sustainable business. However, with the help of supportive staff and associates at the University of Maine and most importantly the determination of Soren---the project endured and succeeded.

We all have been influenced by that loveable clownfish Nemo from the movie of the same. It had no less of an impact on Soren too, and so he began the aquaculture path towards breeding clownfish (also an excellent choice for the aquarium trade as everybody now wanted a “Nemo” for their very own home aquarium).

Down deep in his heart, Soren feels the same as we do here at Aquarium Adventure. “Our mission is to help reduce fishing pressure on the world’s coral reefs by providing marine aquarium hobbyists with 100 percent captive-bred marine ornamental fishes,” says Hansen. And he has done it very well at a high level.

The big challenge for commercial aquaculture facilities, such as Sea & Reef and for the retail store is being able to offer the fish at a competitive price. The influx of wild caught fish with inexpensive labor from third world countries makes it difficult. But it really doesn’t need to be that way, because there is such a huge difference in the “health quality” of aqua cultured fish---they are so much heartier and easier to keep, eating prepared foods right away, it should be the only choice for the consumer.

Soren has done a good job in putting together a very nice selection of aqua cultured fish for the retailer and ultimately for the consumer. A variety of clownfish: Flurry, Da Vinci, Wide Bar Gladiator, Phantom, Snowflake, Onyx, Picasso, Maine Mocha, Naked, Ocellaris, Black Ocellaris, Clarkii, Wyoming White, Lightning Maroon, Frosbite, Black Ice, Black Photon, Maine Blizzard, Morse Code, Cinnamon, Tomato, Orange and Pink Skunk, Percula, White and Gold Stripe Maroon and Sebae; and some nice Pseudochromis species: Orchid, Sunrise, Elegant, Black Neon and Springeri.

We are very proud to be working with Sea & Reef and thankful for Soren’s support of Aquarium Adventure, you the consumer and ultimately the aqua cultured marine fish----come into Aquarium Adventure today and see our fish, bred and hand selected by Soren from the Sea & Reef facility, you won’t be disappointed.

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