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Aquarium Adventure builds for Children’s Hospital

The new Children's Hospital officially opened on Wednesday, June 20th to fanfare and lots of accolades. At a cost of over $400 million to complete, it makes our Columbus pediatric center one of the tops in the nation. The main hospital at 750,000 square feet and 12 levels is impressive and massive to say the least.
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Ecoxotic is a Community

Metro_2011Aquarium Adventure would like to thank Ecoxotic for the support they have given to our local community. Education is extremely important to us. Understanding our environment by studying it through a real "hands on" experience is invaluable. This day and age it is easy for one to pick up a cell phone or computer and think its the REAL thing. It is not the same with an aquarium. Sure you can look at oneon an HDTV, however it is not the same experience. "LIVE not Technicolor" is way better! Please see below, Whats been happening. Thanks Ike! 

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Congratulations CRF

Ken_NCRF Founder Ken Nedimyer Named CNN Hero
Friday, 02 March 2012 10:19 | Written by CRF Team
CNN has named environmentalist Ken Nedimyer, the Founder and President of the Coral Restoration Foundation (CRF), a CNN hero.  The honor recognizes Nedimyer for his tireless dedication to restoration of the coral reefs of Florida and the Caribbean and his innovative methods for growing coral in offshore nurseries and transplanting young corals to the reefs.

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How do I introduce a new new fish into my aquarium?

fish_tips_4Over the last 2 weeks we have sent a lot of fish home. We thought we would share a helpful reminder of how to acclimate new fish. When you get your fish home, float the bag of fish, still closed and full of air, in the aquarium for 10 minutes.


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