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Ponds & Water Gardens

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We Design and Intall PondsOutdoor water garden ponds and water features are becoming the most popular landscape element in America today and everyone has the ability to create a green space in their own home environment.

What makes water gardens and ponds so interesting is the addition of new and different elements to the typical garden. Traditional outdoor gardens and landscaping consist of an array of beautifully colored flowers, shrubs and bushes. However when you add some patterned stonework containing moving water, some colorful fish to watch and feed, along with some flowering aquatic plants, you can attract toads, frogs, birds and butterflies…before you know it, you have your own little natural wetland in your backyard! If the peaceful sound and gentle movement of water is what you seek, then adding an interesting water feature, like a pond-less fountain, to your landscaping, garden or patio may be just what you need.


Pond and Water Garden DesignConsidered by many to be “Water Garden and Pond Headquarters”, we truly are the place to come for expert advice and assistance when designing and developing your water garden pond or feature. Our experts can answer those tough questions. Home and garden centers carry such a wide variety of inventory, in many categories, and sometimes finding the right person who really knows what they are doing when it comes to water garden ponds can be challenging. Landscaping companies can design and, many times, install ponds but do not always maintain them correctly or completely understand the ecosystem of a water garden pond. However, at Aquarium Adventure we are the pond professionals! You see, we do just Aquatics and that allows us to hone in our business and specialize. We know pumps, plumbing, filters, fish and plants. We understand the balance of an aquatic ecosystem. This is what we do 365 days a year.

Pond Design If you would like to sit back and enjoy your own water feature or garden pond, then without a doubt Aquarium Adventure is the place to help you build that vision. We invite you to stop by and visit our water feature. Yes, we have a beautiful, freestanding, 1500 gallon custom water garden pond that contains gorgeous koi and plants, located smack dab in the middle of our showroom. Designed, built and installed by our Service Team and our associates, it is worth the trip to check it out. Just like aquariums, we design, we install and we can maintain your water garden feature or pond.

Call our service line at 614-792-9966 for more information or CLICK HERE to contact us.


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