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Small Tanks and Nanos

JBJ__PICOTOPEAdd a little life to your little space with the perfect little underwater world.  You will not find a better selection of Nano (small) aquariums anywhere. We have the right size, shape and style for your place and your budget. At Aquarium Adventure you will find the ideal small aquarium for a desk top, counter top, bookcase or niche….here is just a sampling of our incredible selection. Many more styles are available at our Columbus location.






Nano Aquariums by Hagen 

 R.C. Hagen Corporation is an innovative, top notch manufacturer and supplier of aquariums and  aquarium products. Their " Nano" aquariums are all the rage. One has been designed for the keeping of  little shrimps, appropriately named "EBI" , meaning; "shrimp" in Japanese.  The other designed for keeping  live plants, named "Flora".  Both are boxed kits, ready to go and have unique support products available, that are sold seperately. Hagen's exciting aquarium design in the "Fluval Edge"  has 360 degrees of viewing area making it the first 3-D desk top aquarium.  It holds 6 gallons of water is compact, and can be filled to the very brim thanks to the glass top that allows good viewing from all angles. Oh and dont forget the open top "CHI" aquarium. All of these are are operating live, in the store. 


Little Mermaid & Nemo Aquarium

This Disney / Pixar- Finding Nemo Aquarium Kit is 1.5 gallons, includes a filter, air pump, 9-LED adjustable light. It also comes with everyone's favorite clown fish, Nemo. Available but shown is The Little Mermaid Aquarium Kit with all of the same features accept for one, Ariel.




Mini Bow™ Desktop Aquarium

This 2 1/2 or 5 gallon acrylic bowfront tank kit is available in red, blue, or black. It includes a mini bow filter and cartridge, a full hood with light, water conditioner and food. It ia just the right size for an office, dorm room, bedroom and a few small fish. 



Marineland_eclipseEclipse® Filtration & Lighting Systems

The Eclipse systems are easy to setup, easy to operate, easy to access. The top-mounted Eclipse filtration affords ample space for added accessories like heaters or airline tubing. .It is a great starter kit .Available in six sizes: Curved Front 2, 3, 6 and 12-gallon sizes, unique Hex 5 gallon and Corner 5 gallon. Curved front 16 gallon shown.



Betta Homes

Smalll_Tamks_15 Aqua Blocks Current Betta Homes Hagen Marina Betta Kit

Our inventory of unique Betta Homes is ever changing. Our buyers are always adding to our vast selection of containers for these beautiful little fish.



This compact, open top, glass aquarium comes with a power compact light and hang on filter. It is suitable for both freshwater and saltwater At 3 gallons in size it is a great little tank for the hobby fish keeper who likes the little detail.


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