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Our Story

Aquarium Adventure in N.W. Columbus was designed to showcase the largest and best selection of tropical, marine, and pond fish in the country.This 12,000 square foot Aquarium Superstore, features a huge variety of aquariums, aquarium furniture and supplies. The fish, invertebrates and plants are presented in aquarium displays that are entertaining and educational. The store layout conveys to shoppers and visitors the wonders and many benefits of having an aquarium in your home or place of business.
Bill Wymard set up his first aquarium at the age of 10. He had no idea that several decades later he would be keeping over 500 aquariums. He had no idea he would still have the same passion and enthusiasm for fish that he did when he was so young. With a degree in Marine Biology and an excitement about all things fish,  it just seemed natural that the two would blend to make his life long dream come true. He wanted to build the biggest and best aquarium store in the country. With the help of Ed Kunzelman, Bill’s wife Sandy, many talented, supportive friends and family members, in June of 1997 Aquarium Adventure in Columbus, Ohio opened it doors to rave reviews. 
Sandy’s experience in retail management, design and merchandising allow this husband and wife team to do what they both enjoy. They are quick to give the credit of their success to the many people who help them along the way. They will tell you that they learn something new every day at Aquarium Adventure and the openness to learning new things energizes them.
Aquarium Adventure believes that all underwater worlds hold great fascination, splendor and knowledge. Their hope is that you will too. 
“Because we must responsibly coexist with our world, we are committed to understanding and enriching the knowledge of our aquatic eco-systems through education and guidance to ensure the preservation of our hobby and our environment”                                             
Bill Wymard
Marine Biologist
Aquarium Adventure


This store is independently owned and operated and is a division of Petland, Inc. For infomation regarding Franchise Opportunity please visit corporate website at



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